Environmental Sustainability

Middletown is full of natural beauty.  In order to preserve that beauty and the wonderful quality of life here, the City is taking action to be a leader in sustainability.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The City of Middletown's Clean Energy Task Force has undertaken a number of projects to reduce our city's energy consumption and costs, and to promote renewable energy generation.

Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous items should be brought to a Hazardous Waste Collection Day. Look here for more information.

Recycling Services

Here's your answers on how to recycle and what services are offered.

Recycling Events

In an effort to increase our recycling rate, the City of Middletown is proud to be a host of many recycling activites throughout the year.  Watch for special recycling programs and events and come join the fun.

Electronics Recycling Information

Many electronics contain hazardous components that should not be thrown in the regular garbage.  Residents can recycle household electronics at the recycling center for no charge.

Organic Lawn Care

Traditional lawn-care fertilizers and treatments contain dangerous chemicals that can harm our environment, our health and the health of our pets. This is of special concern to Middletown, considering our close proximity to the Connecticut River.  Project Green Lawn has been working for several years to educate residents and businesses about organic lawns and how to make the switch.


The City of Middletown is taking important steps to save costs and reduce pollution by considering more fuel efficient vehicles.