System Flushing

Middletown Water currently has over 1,600 fire hydrants within its distribution system. We are required to flush each of these fire hydrants one time each year. We may flush as many as two or three times each year system wide. Hydrants on some dead end lines may be flushed monthly. This is done to ensure optimum water quality and fire protection.

The purpose of flushing is to remove sedimentation and mineral deposits that have settled on the bottom of the water mains. Temporary discolored or cloudy water could be a routine occurrence for customers within the immediate area during or immediately following the flushing operation. If this occurs, you will need to immediately open your cold water tap at each faucet until it clears. This should be done one faucet at a time. Once the water has cleared in your cold water, your hot water should also be flushed in a similar manner.

If the problem persists, you need to contact us at (860) 638-3500 and report the problem. The discoloration is a result of mineral deposits that have become encrusted on the water pipe's interior wall. This mineralized sediment is not harmful, but may cause laundry stains. If a load of wash is done during the period of discolored water, the load should be kept wet and rewash again after the water clears. Four ounces of cream of tartar should be added for to help remove any discoloration of the clothing.

If you have any question or concerns regarding our flushing program, please contact us at (860) 638-3500 or email us at Operations.