Water Pollution Control Authority

The Water and Sewer Department, with the advent of a Water Board, was established in 1867. This board was eventually changed to its present designation, the Water Pollution Control Authority, which consists of seven Middletown residents who are appointed by the Mayor and Common Council.  The main function of the WPCA is to oversee the Water and Sewer Department operations and service. This includes a water system consisting of three reservoirs, a well field, two water treatment plants, pumping stations and facilities and approximately one hundred eighty miles of water mains and one hundred and thirty miles of sewer collection mains.

The Water Pollution Control Authority meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  The meetings are held at the Water and Sewer Department, located at 82 Berlin Street. 

Water Pollution Control Authority Board

Dale Aldieri  Chairman

Scott Bishel  Vice Chairman

Phil Pessina  Council Representative

Eugene Nocera  Council Representative

John A. Giuliano Commissioner

Jack Pieper  Commissioner

Emanuel DiMauro Commissioner

Joe Fazzino Acting Director