Program Overview

The City of Middletown Purchasing Card is a procurement and payment tool that encourages efficiency without sacrificing managerial control.

The Purchasing Card Program eliminates purchase orders as the primary method for purchasing small-dollar merchandise, and replaces them with credit cards. Employees approved by administrators in both their department and the Finance Department receive City-registered MasterCards, provided by Fifth Third Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio. These employees are empowered to use their p-cards to purchase job-related merchandise on behalf of the City of Middletown.

Each individual card is limited as to where, when, and how it is used. Each card is assigned a unique credit line based on the cardholder’s job duties and anticipated purchases. Cards are also prohibited from certain activities, including ATM access.

Advanced software allows City administrators to monitor and evaluate cardholder activity. Smart Data Gen. 2 (“SDG2”), an internet-based reporting tool, allows managers in participating departments and in the Finance Department to view p-card transactions. Smart Data Gen. 2 also enables City staff to run reports, track activity, and export data for further analysis.

The p-card program’s goal is to utilize electronic processing to reduce or eliminate certain types of paper-based processing—including many purchase orders and receiving reports—thereby saving City employees time. The p-card is used just like a normal MasterCard. Any merchant that currently accepts MasterCard can accept the City of Middletown Purchasing Card.

This page will be occasionally updated to reflect improvements and changes in the City of Middletown’s p-card program. Check back periodically for updates!