Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The City of Middletown's Clean Energy Task Force has undertaken a number of projects to reduce our city's energy consumption and costs, and to promote renewable energy generation:

Home Energy Solutions and Tree Planting Fund


The Middletown Clean Energy Task Force encourages residents to take advantage of Home Energy Solutions, which offers homeowners and renters a chance to reduce their energy costs.  More than 2700 Middletown residents have already participated.


For a small fee (see below) certified and insured technicians will evaluate your household energy usage and provide energy saving and weatherization services to your home.  These services will reduce your annual energy bills by an average of $200, year after year.  Home Energy Solutions is funded by a small charge on electricity and natural gas bills.  The co-pay amount is $75 for electric or natural gas heating customers; $99 for oil/propane heating customers, and $0 for income-eligible residents. Interested residents can call 1-877-389-7077 for more information or visit New England Conservation Services  to sign up.



Conserving Energy

Energy Conservation Measures have been undertaken at many city facilities through a performance contract with Honeywell. Check out our progress!

Saving Money

Municipalities, residents and businesses can purchase electricity from an alternate, competitive supplier to save money or help the environment.   Connecticut residents and businesses can find alternative electric suppliers to choose from.

Purchasing Clean Energy

In 2005 the City of Middletown's Common Council voted to join the State-wide Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program initiative by pledging to buy 20% of its municipal electricity by 2010. This pledge was fulfulled and successful!

Installing Solar Photovoltaics

The City of Middletown has 3 photovoltaic arrays at Moody School (88 kW), Police Headquarters (21.28 kW) and Woodrow Wilson Middle School (2 kW). Click on the links to view generation reports from each site.