Investigative Services

Captain Gary Wallace is the Investigative Services Division Commander.


He can be contacted at (860) 638-4141 or Gary.Wallace@MiddletownCt.Gov  

The Investigative Services Division consists of the department’s Major Investigations Unit, the Special Investigations Unit and the Street Crime/Narcotics Unit.

The Major Investigations Unit consists of an Executive Officer and trained detectives who specialize in a wide array of investigative areas. The unit investigates such crimes as Homicide and Death Investigations, Assaults, Robberies, Fraud, Identity Thefts, Burglaries, Larcenies, Motor Vehicle Thefts, Arsons and other suspicious incidents, which require follow-up assistance. The unit also specializes in Crime Scene Investigations, and detectives respond to most crime scenes to process the scene for physical evidence. The detectives utilize the department’s crime lab to analyze evidence and to properly secure the evidence that may be transported to the Forensic Lab. The detectives are trained in the area of Interview and Interrogation to ensure a quality investigation.

The Special Investigations Unit consists of a unit supervisor and trained detectives who specialize in handling crimes against persons, sexual assaults and juvenile related matters. The unit handles all follow-ups in regards to sex related crimes, missing persons, domestic violence incidents, crimes involving children and youths, abuse cases, DCF related cases and works with the local schools. The unit also has two school resource officers, one assigned to Middletown High School, and the assigned to the middle and elementary schools. The unit serves as the liaison between the Middletown Police Department and the Department of Children and Families, the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters, Youth Services, Connecticut Sex Offender Registry and the Board of Education. The unit develops and provides specialized education and awareness programs for Middletown’s children and youth.

The Street Crime/Narcotics Unit consists of a unit supervisor and trained detectives who specialize in narcotics and vice offenses. The detectives assigned to this unit work in an undercover capacity conducting surveillance and addressing quality of life issues. The unit assists and investigates various crimes ranging from graffiti to homicide. Other investigative activities include gangs, high frequency crime areas, and major crimes.