MCA Grants Policy and Guidelines including application deadlines

Note: It is required that you read the appropriate guidelines before filling out any MCA application for funds. Your signature on an application is confirmation of your having done so.

under Middletown Code of Ordinances, Chapter 44, Section 44-11 Federal, state or other grants, Part B and is here transcribed in its entirety:
Municipal grant awards.
Unless specifically approved by the Common Council, all grants requiring the expenditure of any City funds must have a 1:1 matching requirement so that every dollar expended by the City is matched by a dollar expended by non-City sources. No City funds may be used in meeting this dollar-for-dollar matching requirement, nor may any in-kind services be used as equivalents to meet the matching requirement. Every dollar expended by the City must be matched by an actual dollar expended by non-City sources. When applying for municipal grants, the prospective grant recipients must submit copies of the organization’s budget from the prior year and the year in which the grant is sought, financial statements for the most current reporting period, and a list of funding sources for the prior year and the year in which the grant is requested.

[Added 5-2-2016 by Ord. No. 07-16]

If you are applying for "Category 1" funds, use the "MCA Grant Application Cat 1". In addition, you must follow the directions of the "Category 1-Additional Requirements" included in the PDF documents below. Please contact the City Arts Office for information/requirements - or 860.638.4510.

If you are applying for “Category 2” or “Category 3” funds use the "MCA Grant Application Cat 2 and 3" PDF document below. PLEASE NOTE: Applications are only being taken in September and February this fiscal year 2017-18. See the new MCA Grants Policy Guidelines and/or Funding Dates form for details.

CATEGORY 1 Application Deadline: January 16 - Contact the Arts Office for information
CATEGORY 2 & 3 Application Deadlines: September 15, February 15
Read the "MCA Grants Policy Guidelines" for details.
The following PDF documents can be viewed in Adobe Reader. If you do not have a PDF viewer, click here for this free Adobe software product.
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We recommend that the forms requiring data entry (the application form and the grant report) be downloaded to your desktop. There you should be able to save any data entered and return to the form later to complete without losing any data already entered.

Additionally, you may now file your application/report with the Arts Office electronically via email as a completed PDF document. Please sign your application/report electronically or, sign a hard copy and then scan it in as a PDF to email back to us.




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